Holiday Gift Guide!

For this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to provide your loved ones with tools to promote their health, specifically their oral health!

  1. Electric Toothbrush – As the saying goes, technology advances over time!  Electric toothbrushes can be powered at 30,000+ brush strokes per minute (compared to 300 brush strokes per minute with a manual toothbrush), ensuring the maximum cleanliness and plaque removal.  Give your hands and wrists a break with this self-sufficient teeth cleaner.
  2. Water Rinser – The water rinser (or water flosser) is a great addition to your oral hygiene regimen.  Although it does not provide the same effects as actual floss (the gold standard), it always leaves your mouth feeling super refreshed. Your gums will appreciate the massage too!
  3. Sugar-Free Mints – With the multitude of treats out there, sugar-free mints are your safest bet.  Not only do they lower the amount of sugar you consume every day, they can significantly reduce the risks of cavity formation. 

We wish a very happy holiday season this 2017… See you next year!

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