I don’t grind my teeth… Do I?

Patients frequently ask about random tooth chips, fractures, mildly sore jaw, and other seemingly random signs and symptoms.  It may be due to accidently biting on a metal fork or rough basketball playing, however there are times when it may be due to bruxism. 

Bruxism or teeth grinding is prevalent in many cases, from mild to severe.  Fortunately, when children grind on their baby teeth, it is more of a benign process as baby teeth are meant to exfoliate out of the mouth naturally. 

As an adult, bruxism may be triggered by stress and abnormal bite among other things.  Depending on the severity of grinding, there are different dental treatment options.  Most importantly, most cases need to be evaluated for a Nightguard to help protect teeth during sleep time, when grinding is at its worst.  Let us know if you think you grind your teeth during your next visit!

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