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Dental Sealants

As a general dentist, I would unequivocally recommend dental sealants to be placed on permanent teeth for children and sometimes adults.  They are effective, especially, on the posterior molars.  Please see the picture above for a clearer visualization. A sealant is simply a protective covering that is bonded onto the deep grooves of the teeth

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Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is ready for the weekend!  Spring break is here and many families, parents and children alike, will have plans to be out and about.  This is just a friendly reminder to keep prioritizing the basic oral hygiene routine of flossing 1x/day and brushing 2x/day. Even if you’re tired at night or rushed

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Brush Brush Brush!

Our office currently treats both children and adults, so I’ve dedicated this post to the kiddos.  I’ve had some parents recently ask me about fluoride toothpaste and when they should let their child use it.  According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, fluoride toothpaste should be used beginning at the age of ONE, even

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To Fill or Not to Fill

Let’s start with the question, ‘What are cavities?’ Cavities, or tooth decay, can be a common issue for children, adolescents, and adults alike.  They are permanently damaged areas in the hard surfaces of the tooth sometimes forming into holes or causing fractures in teeth.  Plaque, among other factors, can cause a cavity.  When people eat

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I don’t grind my teeth… Do I?

Patients frequently ask about random tooth chips, fractures, mildly sore jaw, and other seemingly random signs and symptoms.  It may be due to accidently biting on a metal fork or rough basketball playing, however there are times when it may be due to bruxism.  Bruxism or teeth grinding is prevalent in many cases, from mild

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Holiday Gift Guide!

For this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to provide your loved ones with tools to promote their health, specifically their oral health! Electric Toothbrush – As the saying goes, technology advances over time!  Electric toothbrushes can be powered at 30,000+ brush strokes per minute (compared to 300 brush strokes per minute with a manual

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What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Recently, a couple of patients have asked about Silver Diamine Fluoride and I wanted to shed some light on this semi-new product. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a FDA-approved colorless liquid that is able to arrest and prevent tooth decay in both children and adults.  It has been available for use in multiple international countries

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Halloween is Here

Halloween is just around the corner!It is the time for all kinds of sugary treats to come out and play.  Do your teeth ache just thinking about it?  I know mine do.   We all love to celebrate this fun-filled holiday, but we also do not want to promote rampant tooth decay.  Below are some alternatives

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Back to the Basics

We hope you had a great summer!School will be starting soon and schedules will start becoming more hectic.  Now, in addition to mom and dad’s different work meetings, kids start having school activities such as orchestra, debate, and sports, to name a few.A busy schedule is one of the most common reasons to ease up

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