Dental Sealants

As a general dentist, I would unequivocally recommend dental sealants to be placed on permanent teeth for children and sometimes adults.  They are effective, especially, on the posterior molars.  Please see the picture above for a clearer visualization. A sealant is simply a protective covering that is bonded onto the deep grooves of the teeth

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To Fill or Not to Fill

Let’s start with the question, ‘What are cavities?’ Cavities, or tooth decay, can be a common issue for children, adolescents, and adults alike.  They are permanently damaged areas in the hard surfaces of the tooth sometimes forming into holes or causing fractures in teeth.  Plaque, among other factors, can cause a cavity.  When people eat

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Halloween is Here

Halloween is just around the corner!It is the time for all kinds of sugary treats to come out and play.  Do your teeth ache just thinking about it?  I know mine do.   We all love to celebrate this fun-filled holiday, but we also do not want to promote rampant tooth decay.  Below are some alternatives

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